Domestic Violence

Jonathan Jemming has years of experience both defending accused parties and protecting victims in domestic violence law and legal processes. Domestic violence is a broad area of law that often includes criminal charges and actions such as protective orders, protective order violations, civil and criminal actions from both the defendant’s side and the plaintiff’s side.  Domestic violence may also involve children and create situations involving the Utah Division of Child and Family Services.  The Law Office of Jonathan Jemming can help you through the challenging legal process by offering professional advice and guidance specific to your domestic violence case.

The State of Utah has a large range of laws relating to domestic violence and abuse.  There are variety of violent charges that may be considered domestic violence under Utah law including assault, harassment, stalking, sexual assault, battery, trespassing and more. Utah also includes child abuse under its criminal definition. The Utah Criminal Code contains the Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act which calls for enhanced penalties for subsequent domestic violence offenses.

Jonathan Jemming is knowledgeable in all aspects of the Utah Code when it comes to domestic violence.  Whether you have been charged with domestic violence or protective order violations, or you need help in pursuing or defending against a protective order, you can count on the Law Office of Jonathan Jemming to represent you and protect your rights